Những lỗi hay gặp trong bố trí nội thất

Furniture placed next to the wall, use a variety of pillows, rugs too small compared to the size of the background, hanging mirrors too small …. the bathroom is very common errors in the interior layout of the family Vietnam.
According to experts, the furniture in the house without the appropriate layout is even the most beautiful room is also losing the value of living space. Here are the errors common interior layout should be avoided.

Furniture placed adjacent wall

Placing furniture or desk sitting against the wall will make people sit there feeling cramped, cramped, uncomfortable. Not only that, according to feng shui interior wall Statistics will also not good. Therefore the families when arranging the furniture in the house should not pay attention to the wall decor. Best to leave them away from the wall to create a feeling about ventilation – avoid moldy walls you also easy to clean.

Carpets too small for the size Background

Benefits of home carpet brings is huge, it will not only help smooth leg, adorn the room but also protect from scratching the floor layers, broken. Use carpet size mismatch is one of the most common mistakes. When the list of indoor furniture such as tables or sofas the furniture legs should be located on the carpeted area. Without carpet big enough, you have to ensure the four table legs and front legs of the sofa fit on the carpet.

Avoid large furniture

When the interior layout is room you should not place an oversized sofa while only a limited area of ​​the room. The bulky furniture will occupy all the space, so do not ignore the smaller version as a small couch, TV shelves thin with small tea table when decorating a small room. A compact sofa also makes your house becomes wide open and much more.

The bathroom is too small mirror hanging

This is a very common error in the bathroom interior layout. The reason here is probably not the financial problems by the price of a mirror is not large. The problem is in the aesthetic thinking of the home. They do not know that a larger mirror can extend the wall next to the bathroom and make you become more open.

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