Interior design for smaller rooms

This pretty small living room does not use color as ordinary furniture. For example, the floor usually has 2 basic materials is Flooring Tiles (or Rock) and Wood Flooring. These homeowners choose flooring Wood for cold feet warm season, the selection of color wood floor seemingly simple but actually very complicated.


Simply because the habit is thought colored floor Wood Wood as usual, just as soon see the catalog are selected wood color you need. But first the complexity appears when exposed homeowners Catalogue of colors and types of wood flooring. That is both a diversity of vendors, products sources about Vietnam and each brand has a long list of designs and colors.

Without the assistance of Architects at this point, homeowners vulnerable to fall into a great distraction, 1 product choose unreasonable. And the irrational has greatly influenced the aesthetic whole apartment by one thing: The color of the floor a lot of decisions are beautiful colors as well as the overall bad.
In this design premium industrial flooring Wood Architect choose white gold, just warm, different enough, to create aesthetic values ​​in a modern space.

From the color of the wood floor, the overall color of the furniture was chosen for the same tone and style. Therefore, living room area with a small but bright light overall, creating a spacious feeling to the room. According to the design of this small flat area, the dining room combined with living room connected to the open space for the living room and master dining room. So dining room furniture also designed with colors and tones to cross the living room. Create a harmonious beauty from the inside out.

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